Brian Boyle, MSN Video Productions
“More like What Now?… Exactly what we needed. Creative, competent, completion-minded people who listened deeply, responded with expertise, and collaborated in a way that made our little seed of an idea blossom into a beautiful video.”

Ron Brennan, Complaint Street
“From the very first meeting we felt very comfortable that we were entrusting the promotion of our service and brand to a reliable expert. Jen was able to connect with us and our product instantly which made the experience more like collaborating with a co-founder rather than simply hiring a vendor. Jen’s writing style is fun, witty, and creative while always carefully maintaining brand integrity. Add to that her attention to detail and meeting of deadlines and the experience was upgraded from great to outstanding.”

Ray Lane, Media Engagement Lead, Puget Sound Energy
“Venturing into the world of animated videos was an adventure for us at Puget Sound Energy. Utilities can lean on the conservative side of communications. But we wanted to do something different in launching an important project. The What Now? Exactly! team was terrific. Their creativity was spot on, and their patience with some back-and-forth was more than greatly appreciated. Some of the comments from managers who like the video so much have been the most striking. We’re already thinking about collaborating on new videos.”

Peter Zaballos, VP of Marketing, SPS Commerce
“The animation BLEW THE MINDS of 300+ salespeople just now. They loved it!!! Even better, one of the sales VPs just told his team he wants them all to memorize the script. That tells you just how spectacular the script is. Thank you so much for all the effort and for shrinking the schedule. It made a huge difference, and we so appreciate it. Really outstanding creative and production!”

Raphaël Guilleminot, Enigma
“Your process really helped us distill the message to its bare essentials, which made for a convincing presentation. Thank you so much for being flexible and delivering on time and with a high quality deliverable.”

Jesse Chor, Co-Founder & CEO, SPARQ
“We were in a pinch when trying to launch a new site with the gargantuan task of explaining what we do. We realized that we could only accomplish this with a video. So the question became, would it be possible to get the right video in a short time within a reasonable budget? WNE, went above and beyond and delivered something that we think is incredible. We love them and would highly recommend them to anyone that needs a great team to collaborate with and get your message out there.”

Craig Blessing, Datacastle
“We are very pleased with the final product that was produced, and it is being seen by clients all across the globe. I hope we get to work together in the future.”

Shameer Ayyappan, Adobe
“Andrew was our illustrator for the key marquee video we created to tell the story about the new Adobe eLearning Suite. He was a joy to work with, and delivered a remarkable piece of work. Especially amazing considering the fact that we were working across continents, on a loosely product defined concept, and under tight deadlines.”

Donatella Latocca, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
“It was great to work with you, and I am happy about the final result: you were able to listen to our needs, align to our requests/changes a few times while the process was ongoing, and challenged us to keep to the deadline.”

Erik Darby, Broadcause
“Jen is a creative, intelligent, out of the box thinker that produces amazing results! We hired her to create a fun & informative video for our new product platform, BroadCause. From start to finish, we were extremely impressed with her professionalism and attention to detail. We couldn’t be more pleased with the final work. Jen is HIGHLY recommended!”

David Abramowski, Parallels
“Worked with Jen on several projects where we took complex products and “pitched” them in a one to two minute animated video. Jen organized her team, set milestones and lent her expertise on scripting and animations to help us come up with a great end result. Jen’s projects were always on time and on budget with excellent communication. She is a pleasure to work with and I recommend her.”