Secret Sauce

Secret Sauce Maker

Our crack team of attention scientists is here to explain EXACTLY! what you do.

We’re a full service creative studio, providing original story, illustration, professional voice over, sound design, and animation.

We cut to the chase.

And we occasionally leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Please allow for a 6 week project schedule. We can work faster if necessary, for an additional rush fee and if our schedule is available. Sorry, we don’t have a time machine if you needed something yesterday.

Here’s how we work:

Week 1 – Story Lab
We translate your Big Idea into a script outline & creative concept.

Week 2 – Story Development
After a few iterations, it’s like we’re inside your head.

Week 3 – Storyboard
This is when everyone is all, “I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS COME TO LIFE.”

Week 4 – Production
Hey, we’ve got this one. Go make some popcorn or grab a beer.

Week 5 – Animation Preview

Week 6 – Delivery
Roll out the (virtual) red carpet & bust open the (actual) champagne!