Three Reasons Why I Shared the Hilarious Chewbacca Laughing Mask Video

Chewbacca Mask Video Screenshot

If you’re anything like me, you laughed out loud with the delightful woman whose infectious laughter over a laughing Chewbacca mask broke records for Facebook Live Video views. If you haven’t seen it, here’s a link to the video on her Facebook page.

I decided to bump the post I’d planned to write this week because I think this viral phenomenon creates a great framework for talking about a few content marketing truths. Here are three reasons why I loved and shared this video:

1. She’s Real

Candace Payne didn’t put on airs, didn’t set up the perfect backdrop, and didn’t even prepare her script. She simply turned on the camera and acted like herself.

And it wasn’t manufactured authenticity, either. She was actually authentic. As I watched the video, I kept thinking to myself, She’s My People.

At the end of the day, this is what we all love. None of us likes to be manipulated into wanting something. As you consider your content marketing strategy, be careful to avoid a disingenuous tone.

2. She’s the Hero

Candace loves her Chewbacca mask. It makes her so happy that she can’t stop laughing! The Star Wars brand and Kohl’s (where she bought it) made her feel like a million bucks, and now I want one, too!

I know this is a simple B2C product example, but there’s still an important lesson we can draw from it, whether we’re targeting consumers or businesses:

When the story you tell about your brand builds on your customer as the hero, it’s infectious, and it changes the world around them.

That’s not something people quickly forget, and it’s much more likely that they’ll brag about your brand as a result.

Which brings me to my final point…

3. She’s a Fan

Candace was so excited about her Chewbacca mask that she couldn’t even wait to get home! She sat right there in her car, presumably in the Kohl’s parking lot, and shared her excitement with the world.

Like I said previously, her presence in the video made me feel like She’s My People.

Fans are made when you understand who your customer is and what makes them feel like they’re part of a bigger story. Candace is a Star Wars fan who shops at Kohl’s, and the laughing Chewbacca mask provided a memorable experience that she wanted to share with Her People.

Your brand may have many customers, but it’s Your People who become fans.

With one click or post, your fans can share a piece of content with Their People, and that network grows exponentially as it continues to be shared.

So give them something to share!

Content marketing that is real and not about you will find the right people and grow a solid fan base for your brand.

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