Five Times We Used Animation to Explain Physical Products

While most of the animated videos we produce explain ideas, software, and services — animation is also an effective tool for telling the story of your physical product.

After all, your product solves a problem for your customers just like any service or software does, and that’s the kind of story animation nails every single time.

Below are some animations we created for physical products:

1) Fluffy Bedding

The Naked Experience. When traveling away from the comforts of home, cold bathroom floors, scratchy towels, and stiff bedding are a drag. It’s a timeless problem Pineapple Hospitality solves with its soft, fluffy bedding, towels, and slippers!

2) Portable Otoscope

OTO Home. The story of a tired and busy parent is timeless, and we didn’t have to find a real baby to tell this story!

3) Phone Charger & Virus Scanner

Skorpion. A video about a phone charger had the potential to be a real snoozer, but we used animation to personify the struggle of an unhealthy phone, which made it much more interesting.

4) Air Freshener

AirQ. Animation helped us tell the story of scenting techniques throughout history and made the science of it more accessible.

5) Liquid Drink Mix

Dreampak. Animation was beneficial for showing how the nutrients flow through the body. And also, we didn’t know anyone whose hands could move that fast.

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