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Our Latest Work: Robi & the Flickr Hoodie for We Make Seattle

We Make Seattle - ASSETS Intro v4A

You know how Pixar always shows an animated short right before its feature film?

We just did that! Not for Pixar, though. Sorry, was that misleading?

For the last few months, I participated in an exciting local project called We Make Seattle, which began as a Kickstarter campaign to fund a short film for and about Seattle’s vibrant start-up and maker community.

Many stories about Seattle were collected for the film, but not all of them made it into the final cut. One of those stories came from Robi Ganguly, the CEO and Co-Founder of Apptentive.

Producer Bryan Zug had this to say on the We Make Seattle blog:

Robi told a story about what it was like to wear a hoodie around Seattle that he had gotten from the Flickr team – A story that really captures what makes Seattle such a welcoming place for people who make awesome things.

We were asked to capture his story via animation as a surprise bonus for the backers and friends of We Make Seattle, and it premiered at the event last week just before main film.

More on the event and Robi’s reaction after the video embedded below (or click here to watch on YouTube).

The We Make Seattle team promised Robi a surprise, but he had no idea he was animated until we revealed the video.

As someone who’s been animated for a video before (more on that another day), it’s pretty fun to hear your voice and see a cartoon version of yourself on the big screen.

I think he was into it:

Robi, left, capturing the premier on video.

Actual Robi, left, snapping a shot of Animated Robi at the We Make Seattle world premier.

It’s rare that we get to witness the drama around the release of our projects, so this was a special treat for us. Usually I get excited emails with a few exclamation points, and I consider it a job well done.

But to be in the room when a project is revealed, to feel the reaction from the audience and experience it with a crowd for the first time — that made me a little verklempt!

Many thanks to my very talented co-founder, Andrew Imamura, for creating Illustrated Robi, and to our amazing animator, Aaron Bishop (pictured below, with Robi) for bringing him to life.

"I've been listening to your voice for a long time," said Aaron Bishop, right, upon meeting Actual Robi.

“I’ve been listening to your voice for a long time,” said Aaron Bishop — animator at What Now? Exactly! — right, upon meeting Actual Robi.

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