Why Your B2B Marketing Video Sucks

Compared to consumer facing videos, B2B marketing videos tend to be dry and riddled with industry jargon.

Why put on such a serious face? Companies are made up of people, and people are moved by stories. So lighten up! Serious is a slippery slope into boring, and boring won’t convert leads into clients.

People have more personality in real life and don’t actually say things like, “We help you successfully and efficiently maximize your revenue stream” over a couple of beers after work.

(Or maybe you do talk like that and need a vacation.)

Why not just come out with it: “I hear you want to make more money. We can help you do that!”

People who make buying decisions on behalf of a company or department want you to get to the point, so quit worrying about all the wordy words you think they want to hear.

For example, here’s a B2B marketing video we made that doesn’t take itself so seriously:

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