Who Should Be the Hero of Your Story?

When I was a kid, all the neighborhood boys wanted me to play the helpless princess trapped in a tower so they could rescue me. I would sit in the neighbor’s weeping willow tree forever, waiting for those stupid boys to slay the dog dragon and free me from my captors.

Meanwhile I really wanted to be Princess Leia, who I thought was badass for leading a rebellion despite making a poor hairstyle choice.

When our clients come to us, sometimes they act like those stupid boys who fall over themselves to be the hero (no offense to boys or clients), but it’s our job to woo them into making their audience the hero.

Here’s why:

When you rescue someone, they become your fan. But when you make them the hero, they become your champion.

When the story you tell builds on someone else as the bad ass hero, it’s like you’ve given them super powers to change the world around them.

That’s not something people quickly forget, and it’s much more likely that they’ll brag about your product or service as a result.

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