Use Video to Increase Email Open Rates

Do you use email as a tool to promote your product, service, or idea?

Here’s some helpful statistics we found about including video in your email marketing:

  • According to a recent study from Experian Marketing Services, using the word “video” in your subject line increases open rates 7% – 13%, and increases conversion by 21%.
  • And Internet Retailer reported in 2010 that product videos increase the likelihood of a purchase by 85%.
  • RetailUniverse-email

    There are two ways to use video in your emails:

    1. Embed the video directly into the body of your email (but not all embedded formats work in all email clients).
    2. Use a static image that links to a video on your site or YouTube page (like the example above).

    These days video is everywhere, like ants at a picnic, so don’t overlook its effectiveness in your email send-outs.

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