The Effectiveness of Video in Your Content Marketing

I recently attended a local meetup organized by the folks at Distilled.

(Really smart people, by the way.)

During her awesome presentation called, “Making Cool Shit Isn’t Content Marketing,” Adria Saracino shared some interesting use case data around the effectiveness of video.

Image for ShoreTel Sky case study

ShoreTel Sky – a medium sized B2B company – focused their content around specific brand messaging to improve the quality of their leads. After researching the market, they realized there wasn’t much content that explained the basics of what a phone system does in general, so they created an explainer video.

As you can see from Adria’s slide above, results included…

  • 15% more organic traffic
  • 10% more likely to purchase
  • improved search rankings to the 1st page

That’s a pretty remarkable improvement.

You can watch Adria’s full presentation here.

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