How To Make Your Video Timeless Versus Timely

This question comes up often when folks contact us about producing an explainer video:

“We are definitely interested in the explainer, the only challenge is the site keeps changing and by the time we create the video, it will be outdated. Your thoughts?”

It’s a legitimate question, considering the time and expense involved with creating an effective video.

We like to reassure our clients that their video will be timeless.

Here’s how:

Timely videos focus on features, facts, and data. These things may build a good case for your product or service in the short term, but things like feature updates and new case studies can change how you do what you do and make the content of your video obsolete.

But here are three things that typically don’t change:

  • your audience
  • the problem you’re solving
  • why you’re solving it

The story of an underdog overcoming the bad guy is timeless. The story of conflict and resolution is timeless. The story of what motivates you to keep telling your story is timeless.

By focusing the content of your video on these timeless elements, your story will have longevity.

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