Make New Employee Orientation Less Boring Through Clever Animation

Plan to increase your hiring this year?

Introduce the personality of your company through a series of animated training videos your new hires will actually want to watch.

Cover company policies such as:

  • Vacation and sick leave
  • Overtime
  • Performance reviews
  • Dress code
  • Emergency procedures

Review general administrative procedures, such as how to file a purchase request or expense report, where to get an ID badge, or how to schedule the conference room.

Batch videos together for training new employees, then post them by topic on your company’s intranet for all employees to access.

Clever animations are engaging and help your employees retain information. Like this FAA safety video from Virgin America, for instance:

Important safety demonstrations don’t have to be boring, and neither do your training videos.

Contact us for more information on developing a series of training videos for your company.

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