How To Make Your Customers Feel Like Iron Man

Have you seen Iron Man 3 yet? I didn’t make it to opening weekend, but I hear Pepper Potts kicked some ass. Can’t wait to see it.

We feel a special fondness toward Iron Man because he helps us answer this very common client question: Why can’t our brand be the hero of the story?

Here’s the dealio: When you brag about yourself, you sound like a rich white guy with a bunch of missiles to sell, and people will ignore you.

But by using story to explain how you solve someone’s problem, your brand is the special suit that gives people a certain — how shall I say? — confidence about handling that problem….

im-iron-manSource: The Internet

When the story you tell builds on someone else as the bad ass hero, it’s like you’ve given them a super suit to change the world around them.

That’s not something people quickly forget, and it’s much more likely that they’ll brag about your product or service as a result.

We had fun creating this video for Atlassian On Demand, and it’s a great example of letting “Dave” be the hero (with a nod to the great Voltron). Watch it below, or click here to view on our site.

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