3 Ways to Improve Your Recruiting Efforts Using Animated Video

A simple animated video on your corporate recruiting site can set the right expectations for applicants early on and can also be used to show off your corporate culture.

Here are three examples of how you can use animated video to improve your recruiting efforts:

Map the journey of an applicant’s resume.
Every job seeker wonders if their resume disappears into a corporate black hole, but most HR departments don’t have the time or resources to personally respond to hundreds or thousands of inquiries. With animated video, you can visually explain how a resume travels through your organization and when an applicant might get an update.

Put your hiring process on a timeline.
Your hiring process has a plot line with a climactic ending for each applicant. Walk them through the beginning, middle, and end of the story with a timeline of events so they know what to expect along the way.

Show applicants what hoops they need to jump through.
If your company’s hiring policy dictates the need for certain tests, assessments, or certifications, use a little humor to lighten up the tedious formalities.

An animated video placed front and center on your corporate recruiting site can set you apart as a great organization, and maybe you’ll even brighten the day of a weary, hard working job applicant.

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