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Why Instagram Video Is Important

Two weeks ago Instagram announced the option to upload videos from your phone’s media library. This is a big change from editing your video in realtime while in the app, and it means big benefits for you.

Here are three reasons why Instagram video is important:

1. Short, simple, visual storytelling.

Break your story down into smaller, “slice of life” vignettes, animate an interesting fact or statistic, or tackle frequently asked questions. 15 seconds is easily digested by short attention spans and adapts well to online ad formats (like the Facebook video ads that are rumored to be coming soon).

2. Share it easily across social networks.

A social sharing element is built right in to Instagram, so your story can go where it needs to go without you even knowing the destination. Video without distribution is like one hand clapping, and it certainly doesn’t make you any money.

Instagram videos can be tweeted, emailed, posted to Facebook, and now embedded in a blog post (see ours below). Throw in a few hashtags for good measure and it’s super easy for you and your fans to share your content.

3. Can be consumed in any context, especially on mobile.

People are watching more videos on their mobile devices than ever before. According to a 2013 report, 10% of viewers watch online videos via smart phones and tablets, and just a year ago, it was reported that people who watch videos on their tablets stay tuned in 30% longer than those who watch on their desktop.

Below is our latest Instagram video, which we call an Exactagram – an animated slice from the popular Netflix original series, Orange Is the New Black.

Get in touch to find out how we can use Instagram video to tell your story.

15 Seconds of Funny

We let out a big WHOOP! WHOOP! when Instagram announced we can upload video from our phone’s media library.

Look how much fun we’re having!

You can also follow the fun on Twitter and Facebook, if you so desire.

3 Ways to Improve Your Story

I like to ask our new clients what challenges they run into when explaining what they do; it gives me an idea of what they’ve tried and how they tell their own story.

These are three very common responses:

  • Want to *show* people what we do so they get it
  • Need to describe what we do more efficiently
  • Appeal to a short attention span

If you can relate to any of these three challenges, keep reading.

Showing is better than telling

John Medina, author of Brain Rules, says that when you tell a story visually, people remember it because human beings are creatures driven by sight. We talk more about the brain science behind visual storytelling here.

The folks at Sparq found themselves explaining their service over and over again, but it wasn’t until people saw it in action that they had an Ah-ha! moment.

This is why they sought us out to make a video.

A video on their site with a clear call to action – “Drive Mobile App Installs and Usage” – is a very effective way for them to increase sign-ups.

Explain what you do more efficiently

We believe small words are mightier. Explaining your product or service in a way everyone will understand can be challenging, especially if it’s technical or involves a complicated process.

We worked with Sparq to distill their story down into a narrative people can identify with and respond to.

Appeal to a short attention span

Busy websites full of text can overwhelm people, tempting them to scan headlines or click away without really understanding what you’re all about.

But a simple web design that focuses your full attention on a short video results in more people learning how you solve their problem.

Check out Sparq’s simple home page:


For a free consultation on how we can help you tell a better story, get in touch.

Watch the video we created for Sparq below, or click here to view on our site.