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February Special: Videos for 20% Less!

So Valentine’s has passed, but who says the wooing needs to end? All the wine, roses, chocolates, and heart shaped boxes are making us feel especially affectionate this month.

Just to butter up the animated video lovebirds, we’re offering 20% off our regular price!**

Space is limited so be sure to lock in your spot today! Call us at 206-588-6121 or complete this form.

Mention code: BEMINENOW

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** Must pay a 50% down payment on or before March 1st and kick off project on or before March 14th. Only 2 projects will be accepted, and will be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Update 2/25: No more open sale-price slots!

Communicating Is Our Love Language

WNE-Valentines_0002_Valentine's 13 v4

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Best Practices for Online Video Placement

Once people get to your site, they need to understand what you’re all about with very little effort, or they’ll click away without engaging.

According to John Medina, people are 55% more likely to remember something they read when you add a picture, so when you put a video on your website, make sure you put as much effort into placement as you do content.

Give your video prime real estate.


Our client, Atlassian, did three things to well to engage people with very little effort:

  • The video is prominently displayed and above the fold.
  • The site design is simple and free of clutter.
  • By adding a play button, it’s clear what they want people to do.

(Click here to watch the video.)

Make your video feel like a princess.

yume Lightbox

A video should play embedded on your site or in a lightbox like in the example above from our client, Yume.

Using a lightbox keeps people from getting distracted by other things on the page and makes your video the center of attention.

(Click here to watch the video.)

Video is the most effective way to explain what you do, so make sure you make the most of it on your site.

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