We Can Sing the Phone Book, Yo.

We often get questions like these from organizations looking for an animated explanation:

“Do you have examples of projects done for the healthcare industry?”
“Have you ever done anything for a non-profit organization?”
“We want to make people cry. Can you do that?”

These questions address the Nitty Gritty Details of a project, but have little to do with storytelling.

As Randy Jackson often says on American Idol: “Wuttup, Dog, you could sing the PHONE BOOK, man. That’s dope!”

What he means by this is that it doesn’t matter what the contestant is singing – his voice, execution, and general talent translates into a winning performance regardless of musical genre.

This is how we view storytelling.

To be dope in any genre, we like to ask questions more along these lines:

“Who are you telling the story to?”
“What obstacles are you helping them overcome?”
“How are they changed because of your story?”

The answers to these questions (and many others!) will tell us how we should tell the story, regardless of what product, service, or idea we’re explaining.

(I’d like to think that if Randy Jackson was judging our portfolio, he’d be all, “Yo! Yo! Yo! Let me tell you something! You could make the PHONE BOOK compelling, man! Ryan, these guys are IN IT TO WIN IT!”)

So when you ask us to light up the EXACTLY! in your story with an animated explanation, we’re going to challenge you toward answering the right questions, because if you answer the wrong ones, your audience won’t be able to see themselves in your story.

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