Specs Before Marriage Won’t Solve Your Problem

Sometimes an organization will ask us to provide sketches and story ideas for their project before they’ve made a decision to hire us. You know, just to make sure we have the chops. Or something.

This sort of “test drive” might work for buying a car, but not for partnering with us on a creative project. Here’s why…

Trust isn’t built on a one night stand.

We need to get to know you before we… um… get to know you. The most important phases of a creative project are discovery, research, thinking, trying things on, and throwing out ideas that don’t work.

Requesting the words and sketches first is called speculative work – or spec work, for short – and it’s basically asking us to put out with no promise of relationship.

And we’re not that kind of girl.

Our portfolio is well endowed, and we assume you’ve sidled up to us because you like what you see. So get to know us. Let’s talk. If we mind meld, then we’re off to a great start. If not, then you’re just not that into us. And you know what? We can live with that.

When choosing our clients, we look for organizations who are committed to building a lasting relationship, who love to collaborate, and who trust us to do what we do best.

And yes, you heard me right: when choosing our clients. We occasionally turn down project opportunities because we’re looking for a great fit as much as you are.

So when you ask us to light up the EXACTLY! in your story with an animated explanation, we’re going to challenge you toward building a trusting, collaborative relationship, because specs before marraige won’t produce the best possible story of what you do.

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