New Explanation: CareZone

When the folks at CareZone approached us with their project, I knew immediately we’d make a great team. I have two kids to keep track of, plus an elderly mom who needs special care, which I help coordinate with my siblings in two different states.

I know first hand how difficult it can be to keep track of appointments, information, and important documents on behalf of someone else.

It’s not every day we get to work on projects that hit so close to home, but for each project we try to put ourselves in the shoes of our audience. At times it can be challenging to break through our client’s corporate culture or industry jargon – everyone has a favorite buzz word or catch phrase they want included for the sake of branding.

But frankly, it’s not in our client’s best interest to speak their language. An effective explanation will speak the language of their audience.

So when you ask us to light up the EXACTLY! in your story with an animated explanation, we’re going to challenge you toward a language your audience uses, because the more jargon-y you are, the less likely your target audience will see themselves in your story.

  1. Jen, great job with the voice over. Very calming and reassuring! Also totally dig the logo animation at the end. Brilliant!

  2. I like the voice over on this one.

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