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Jingle What Now?

We’ve had a great year and you probably had something to do with it. Thanks!

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An Explainer Video Helps Your Sales Team Win New Customers

When you put an explainer video into the hands of your sales team, your message stays consistent.

If your product or service prompts those it-sounds-too-good-to-be-true tell-me-how-this-works kinda questions, and your sales team has a hard time explaining the technical details, potential customers might get nervous and take their business somewhere else.

But a video that explains how it all works will get it right every time.

Your message stays consistent, your technology is explained, and your sales team has a wingman.

Give Your Customers Solutions Instead of Fancy Words

My daughter loves Fancy Nancy, a very dramatic children’s book character who says things like:

I love Christmas so much. It is important to find a tree with a wonderful aroma. (That’s a fancy word for smell.)

Super cute as a children’s book, but don’t be a Fancy Nancy in business.

If your product or service will save me money, make my job easier, or win me new clients, just tell me that shit straight up because your fancy words make me nervous.

As Scott Berkun says in his post, Why Jargon Feeds Our Lazy Minds:

…never use a fancy word when a simpler one will do. If your idea is good, no hype is necessary.

So don’t dress up your pitch with something fancy like this:

“We’re game-changing bookkeepers who will revolutionize next-generation tech companies with our radical financial reporting skills.”

I’d rather you just tell me how you solve my problem:

“As your bookkeeper, we’ll make sure your bills always get paid on time so you don’t have to worry about it.”

It’s not aerospace engineering.

(That’s a fancy word for rocket science.)

How An Explainer Video Builds Trust With Your Customers

Since more than 80% of real estate transactions begin online, our client wanted to build trust directly with today’s savvy home buyer.

Complicated processes like buying a home are exhausting. We get excited about owning a new home, but we don’t wake up on a Saturday morning and say, “Yay for weekends! Let’s go sign four hundred documents we don’t understand!”

We’re annoyed by things we don’t understand and skeptical of people we think are making it so hard.

But by explaining things in understandable ways, you can demystify a complicated process, which makes it infinitely more bearable, and we love you for making it less exhausting.

Building trust isn’t about showing off all your bells and whistles, it’s about solving a problem for your customer in a way that normal people can easily understand.

If you can do this, you’ll have their loyalty.