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Boooooooo Nowwwww…. Exactly!

Hat tip to the holiday where everyone gets to be a visual storyteller — pulling together outfits of life, death, love, and magic.

Look Your Audience In the Eye

I love this commercial from the Weight Watchers Lose Like a Man! campaign:

I’m sure there are many great things about using Weight Watchers for all kinds of different people, but in this video they speak to a very specific audience. You’ll notice that even as they address an audience of men, they’re not speaking to every kind of man. For instance, a sensitive, brooding, artist type, is not represented here.


However broad your audience may be, it’s a collection of real people, and you need to make eye contact when you explain how you solve their problem.

Sweeping generalizations don’t connect, and your audience won’t be able to see themselves in your story.

Think about it: How do you explain what you do over beers with someone at happy hour? What is your tone like? Do you lean in as you talk? Or do you let your eyes dart around the room, distracted by wondering who else is there?

Be present in your own story and invite your audience to participate.