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Keep It Simple

My son, Thomas, loves to watch his favorite shows on Netflix streaming. When he was first learning to read and figure it out, he was very picky about which devices he used.

The iPad app was confusing, and he kept telling me his shows didn’t exist there. But he easily navigated around Netflix on our AppleTV, even though he could barely read.

Thomas recognized the value of simplicity.

When crafting an animated explanation, more details and features will only get in the way of telling a great story. That’s why this car commercial is more interesting than a car commercial that lists features, pricing, and signing bonus offers while the car races around some orange cones.

Without hearing a list of features, we still learn the new Volkswagen Passat is a great car for young families, affordable on a single income, and has at least one feature typically associated with higher end vehicles.

Plus, we now think Volkswagen is funny and loves Star Wars, which will have us eating out of their cupholders the palm of their hand.

So when you ask us to light up the EXACTLY! in your story with an animated explanation, we’re going to challenge you toward simplicity and story, because the more feature-driven you are, the less likely your target audience will see themselves in your story.