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Virgins, Veterans, and the Wingman.

Like most websites, yours likely has two types of visitors.

First you have the regulars. They like what you have to offer – your product, your service, your concept. They keep coming back because they just love that thing you do.

These are the veterans.

Then there are people who have no idea who you are or what you do or whether you are worthy of their money and time. Maybe you were the fourth link down on a Google search, and now you have the moment, you own it, you better never let it go.

(Sorry. I really like Eminem.)

These are the virgins.

A one minute video about your product, concept, or service helps distill your Big Idea – gets it down to a succinct story to show what problem you are solving.

But a video isn’t just for the virgins who come knocking. Sometimes you get a special kind of veteran, called a fan. They love what you do and want to hook you up with people you’ve never met.

They know virgins you don’t know.

A video about what you do gives your fans an artifact to carry with them, something they can easily pass along to a virgin when you are not there.

Like a wingman, your video will always have your back. It will tell the story for you while you do other things, like tend to your veterans and convert them to fans.

Your video can go anywhere and play at any time. You could be brushing your teeth at 1am while someone is watching your video. You could be lunching with a potential investor while someone is watching your video. You could be freaking out about what to do with all this new business while someone is watching your video.

So the next time you wonder about the ROI on one of our animations, think about the all the virgins your video can reach while you take a nap after a sixty hour week.